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Comparison of Candidates

My name is Dr. Robert Marshall, M.D. I am a candidate for Congress in the 6th District in the Democratic Primary. I am a physician.  I live in Burr Ridge and I am a father of four. I am not a career politician.  I am just a private citizen like you. 

I am a Vietnam Veteran.  The main reason I am running for this office is to oppose these wars that we are involved in, in the Mideast. We are making the same mistake there as we did in Vietnam.  I think we should end our involvement there now and bring our troops home. 

The following is a comparison with me and my opponent, Amanda Howland.


Robert Marshall, M.D.

Amanda Howland

Mideast Wars

Stop bombing immediately and withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Continue to stay there to support our "Allies", wants to expand involvement there with "strong military action"


Legalize nationally


Single Payer Healthcare System                                  

Test feasibility of single payer by decreasing Medicare age to 62


 Middleclass and Working Man Issues

Strong supporter of AFL-CIO and AFT issues. 100% opposed to right to work laws

No difference
 Minimum Wage            Increase to $15.00 per hour Unknown
 Break up NYC Banks Yes No
 Presidential Preference Sanders Unknown
Reason for Running To oppose Mideast Wars Recruited by several unknown persons with unknown motives

I ask for your support and vote on March 15
Website: citizensforrobertmarshall.com       Phone:  708-795-1655 
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