Logo, Robert Marshall, M.D. for US Congress IL 6th District


The following is a speech I gave at the Lake County Democratic Central Committee meeting on February 25.

My name is Dr. Robert Marshall, M.D. I am a candidate for Congress in the 6th District. I am a physician, I live in Burr Ridge and I am a father of four. I am not a career politician, I am just a private citizen like you.

I am a Vietnam Veteran. One of the main reasons I am running for this office is to oppose these wars that we are involved in, in the Mideast. We are making the same mistake there as we did in Vietnam.  I think we should end our involvement there now and bring our troops home. 

I also want to end the "War on Drugs" in this country. We should legalize marijuana nationally. 

In this country, there is a small percentage of people that control more than 50% of the total wealth of the country. This is unacceptable. If we then permit these people to spend as much as they want on political campaigns, then all of us are in serious trouble. We have an oligarchy and not a democracy. We must make millionaires and billionaires pay more of their fair share.  

The concentration of wealth and power in a small number of corporations, including the banks in New York City is a similar problem. When you then allow these corporations to be equal to people and allow them to spend as much as they want on political campaigns, then we are all in deeper trouble. I hope to reverse all of these two terrible trends. We must break up the banks in New York City and repeal Citizens United. 

Can we have a single payer health system? I don't know but we can move towards that goal by slowly lowering the Medicare age down to 62 or 60 or allowing people age 55 to 65 to pay into Medicare. This way we can begin to achieve single payer without raising taxes. 

Can we have free college education in this country? No one knows for certain but we can move towards this goal by increasing PELL Grants but in order to do this we must eliminate our involvement in all of these wars throughout this world. The Federal Government has only so much money and if we are spending money on foreign wars, then there is less for domestic programs. 

I believe I can win the upcoming race against Mr. Roskam. How? By promoting the platform that I have just enunciated. We now know that Mr. Trump now will be at the top of their ticket and we know exactly where he is coming from. We also know the platform and philosophy of Senator Sanders is the key to winning over the type of voters that Trump is appealing to. This is the only way that we can win the upcoming race. If we try to duplicate the previous two campaigns, we will lose again as we did in 2014 and 2012. 

       Website: citizensforrobertmarshall.com          Phone: 630-479-1665 or 708-795-1655